Yorkshire Down, Graves Fires From The Hip

Yorkshire’s relegation from Division 1 of the County Championship has met with a stinging, scathing response from executive chairman Colin Graves.  Given that he’s underwriting the club’s £20 million debt he’s probably justified in being somewhat critical of his club’s 1st XI performances this season.

From what Yates knows of Yorkshire folk, there will be plenty of them wanting to have their say about the 1st XI’s performance too.  And you can bet that they won’t be holding back in their criticism either.

One thing that’s always irritated Yates is the saying “We don’t deserve to be in the [whatever division is lower than the one a relegation threatened team is facing] division.”

If you don’t have more points than the two teams above you then Yates hates to break bad news but yes, you do deserve to be in the Second division.  Of course, we all know what Graves means when he says that.  Yorkshire are a club with a test ground, a long, distinguished history and a very passionate membership.  But that doesn’t and shouldn’t guarantee first division cricket.

Perhaps relegation will be the kick in the backside that Yorkshire need to start performing consistently and to their ability.  Having seen quite a bit of Division 2 cricket this season Yates can say that if Yorkshire think they can just turn up and get 20 points per game, they are in for a surprise.  Quite what effect Graves’ reaction will have on the team is something else to consider.

Whilst it is a refreshingly management bulls**t free response, it is also damning and if you know more than Yates does about Yorkshire’s team and season, you know to whom Graves is referring in his slating of the players.  Yates can see Graves’ frustration and in his place would probably be as vituperative if not moreso in his reaction.  Then again, we haven’t seen the unedited transcript of the interview.

We may not yet know the other team joining Yorkshire in Division 2, but Yates is going to say that Yorkshire will have to fight hard to win promotion and they might not get there at the first time of asking.  The excellent Yorkshire Len is compiling a Yorkshire 2011 season review for the Cricket Yorkshire website.  It’s well worth reading.

Yates wishes Yorkshire well in their next season.  A lot of hard work faces them during the winter.  With talents like Jonny Bairstow in their ranks surely they can get back to Division 1?  Maybe.  And don’t call me Shirley.

Yorkshire fans reading this, please feel free to share your twopennorth on how your team came to be relegated.  It can’t just be down to not having Jacques Rudolph for most of the season.  Can it?  I have no axe to grind so please feel free to enlighten folk here at DCTWO.