Warner Bothers

Pretty much every cricket follower must now be familiar with David Warner’s recent Twitter meltdown where he let rip at journalists Robert “Crash” Craddock and Malcolm Conn.  Shakespeare it was not, although we might yet see it used in classrooms – alongside Kenwyn Williams’ Facebook meltdown as examples of how not to do social media.

This is another humiliating incident for the Aussies in the aftermath of the Homeworkgate affair.  We may not be sure if Warner can use a pen to write but he certainly can use a keyboard.  Even if his spelling leaves a bit to be desired.

Warner was irked by an article by Craddock which was critical of the IPL and made suggestions about unnamed Australian players.  Perhaps the article hit too close to home.

The Banana Bunch at Cricket Australia have decreed that Warner will learn his fate on Wednesday.  Yates hopes Warner gets a big fat large print Wisden thrown at him.  This raises more questions about the Banana Bunch, the Delhi Dunderheads and their training and guidance for their players.  Especially the IPL team because of their young Indian player contingent.  The overseas players are there not only to perform on the pitch but to be role models of professionalism off it.

Most employment contracts now have some kind of clause about not bringing the employer or sponsors into disrepute on social media.  It seems sensible to expect that this clause would have been highlighted to the player and his agent/manager.

Sportspeople are higher profile than thee and Yates so it seems sensible to expect that media training and social media training are provided to them.  Especially when you’re in a different country where the focus on cricket, especially when the attention paid to players by the public is massive.  Yates can’t be alone in thinking that this sort of stuff isn’t rocket science.

  • Do Cricket Australia provide training to players to not get involved in public slanging matches?
  • Do Delhi Daredevils provide training to players to not get involved in public slanging matches?
  • Do Cricket Australia provide a guide to good social media use for their players?
  • Do Delhi Daredevils provide a guide to good social media use for their players?
  • Why was Warner letting rip at 4am?  Was he under the influence?
  • Surely this is the sort of thing that should be covered in social media training?
  • Will the Delhi Daredevils be taking action against Warner?
  • How will Cricket Australia and the Aussie media blame Pat Howard for this? (That’s a joke by the way)

A Ten Sport article asks “Why is there any conjecture over David Warner’s credentials to captain the Australian ODI side in Michael Clarke’s absence?”.  There shouldn’t be now.  Warner is not captaincy material.  He may grow into captaincy material but right now he is nowhere near it.

Not only that, Warner has damaged the brands associated with Cricket Australia and the Delhi Daredevils.  As if the Daredevils haven’t had it bad enough already with this IPL’s wooden spoon (losing in their last game to the Prune Juice Warriors) Warner has taken it and stirred up a lot of negative attention for himself, Delhi and Cricket Australia.

Warner has deleted his tweets but I’m sure there are places where screengrabs have been taken.  Here are some of Warner’s tweets from that night.

David Warner Tweets

Let’s be honest, stuff like “putting Up with your shit talk why would anyone want to do that” cannot compare to “I dreamt tonight that I did feast with Caesar and things unlucky charge my fantasy: I have no will to wander forth of doors, yet something leads me forth” or even MacLean and Maclean’s finest song about hair down there.

If trash talking is to become the way IPL players conduct themselves then as Yates has already said, class the IPL as Sports Entertainment and get some decent creative writers in.  Then we can have some of the crazed, testosterone-fuelled rantings like those of Randy “Macho Man” Savage and The Ultimate Warrior.  Oh yeahhhhh!

A shoutout to @TickersCricket for coming up with the title when writer’s block hit and a Strategic Timeout sponsored by Cushelle couldn’t get through it.