Vile Utterances

Many UK based cricket followers will know that yesterday was the inquest into the death of Tom Maynard.  A hard day for Tom’s family, friends and all those who watched him play for Surrey and Glamorgan.  Yates has nothing to add to the reporting from the likes of the excellent George Dobell, Nick Hoult, Legisde Lizzy and all the others who tweeted from the inquest.

Then Edwina Currie opened her vile mouth.


In one tweet, Currie upset a lot of Surrey fans (myself included), Glamorgan fans, people who knew Tom and people who are generally a whole lot more compassionate than this disgusting specimen.

Many people challenged her thoughtless view, notably former England rugby player Brian Moore.  As of the time of writing this post, the tweet remains undeleted.  Currie attempts an apology in a tweet from earlier this afternoon:


So if Tom hadn’t been a sportsman then Currie’s earlier tweet wouldn’t have received this pathetic excuse for an apology?  Pathetic.  That demonstrates that Currie is only interested in covering her arse and still lacks humanity, as I said in a comment at The Middle Stump.  Note in particular two points I make in that comment about a former PM dying and a former Surrey CCC President with whom Currie was very well acquainted.

Please head on over to The Middle Stump.  There’s some cracking stuff on there.

And no, this isn’t a party political thing.

It’s a decency thing.

The Cricket Family has it.  Edwina Currie does not.

Edwina Currie, STFU. And that’s an order!