The K-Word

Despite doing nothing about the booing Moeen Ali received in recent international games, the Exceptionally Clueless Buffoons have been revealed as charging Yorkshire captain Andrew Gale with racism against Lancashire’s South African batsman Ashwell Prince.

Did Gale let rip with an outburst worthy of a UKIPper?

Did he use the N-word? The S-word? The C-word? The M-word?

Did he make certain gestures or references to certain body parts?

Did he refer to a certain land made famous by Alan Clark and then by Godfrey Bloom?

Did he let rip with a Gene Hunt special?

Did he throw a piece of fruit? (If none of these make any sense get onto Google).

Any or all of the above would deserve a guilty verdict. But no, Andrew Gale did not do any of these things.

There appears to have been an exchange between Prince and Gale where both players used the F-word, Gale responding in kind to Prince, telling him to return home because he was a useless Kolpak player.

The ECB seem to think that using Kolpak in this way is racist.  Note that it is the ECB levelling the racism charge, not the on field umpires; they had reported Gale (but not, it seems, Prince) for using obscene language.

I am aware of an Afrikaans K-word that is racist but it isn’t Kolpak. Have the ECB got their K-words confused?

There’s an excellent explanation of the issue here. It’s very well worth reading.

Yates thinks this is a deliberate scheme cooked up by the ECB in response to the deserved criticism for its spineless inaction over the booing of Moeen Ali. By nailing Gale with this charge the ECB can say “Hey look, we take action against racism, we’re a cool governing body. Now shut up and move on.”

There’s one very simple reason why Gale will be found guilty.

The ECB have convened their CDC panel, which readers will already know urinates over the principles of Justice by lacking consistency, transparency, openness and right to appeal. In short, the CDC is a kangaroo court presided over by a man who brings shame to the title of Queen’s Counsel: Gerard Elias.

What a time this would be for Colin Graves to stand up and fight these stupid proceedings, delivering a plain Yorkshire speaking judgement to the ECB. By doing so the Deputy Chairman of the ECB can drag the top management out of the 18th century and into the 21st, forcing them to recognise the need for transparency, consistency and respect for the principles of Justice.

Sadly I understand Colin has decided not to have anything to do with Gale’s case. That’s very disappointing for someone who is known for his plain speaking. The ECB needs to shed its toff heavy management and bring in some honesty and good sense. Graves would have been ideal. Andrew Gale had best be prepared well for a real shafting. Any lube makers want to send some samples to Yorkshire County Cricket Club?

Regardless of the presence of a UKIPper on the CDC panel, Gerard Elias chairs it and what he says goes. If the ECB have told him they want a guilty verdict, you can be damn sure they will get their guilty verdict.

Prince has not been charged with using obscene language. Why not? The ECB needs to recognise and accept that regulations cannot be selectively enforced.

The ECB could be setting a dangerous precedent here. If they are not careful, without recourse to appeal following these Kangaroo hearings of the CDC they could find themselves under severe legal assault. Yates hopes that someone will indeed dig in, get legal on the ECB’s ass and drag the CDC down a few pegs.

Following ECB logic calling someone from Yorkshire a “tight-arsed Tyke” is racist. Equally calling someone from Essex a “Chelmsford caveman” is also racist, as is calling someone from the Black Country a “Dudley dungheap dweller”. Even if those statements are true.

The timing of this isn’t brilliant, for with the hearing coming in October, it will be after the launch of Kevin Pietersen’s book. You can bet that won’t be pleasant towards certain people in the ECB. They really don’t make things easy for themselves. Yates has no sympathy for them though.

Back to Gale’s comments. Small minded? Probably. Prince’s stats are pretty good, so calling him useless is inaccurate. Xenophobic? Likely. Ill-considered? Maybe.

Racist? Not in the slightest.  If Gale had let rip with a Gene Hunt style tirade (different one this time) then such a charge may well be proven.  But what’s been reported isn’t remotely Gene Hunt like.

Gary Naylor summed it up with this sentence:

“Not racist for me. Racism is a hideous evil that has killed millions. It reduces racism as a crime if Kolpak is included.”


The Exceptionally Clueless Buffoons have been shown to look even more clueless (if that’s possible) by Ashwell Prince’s comments that

I didn’t stand there and think that might be a racial slur… the guy walked towards me and had a go and I defended myself. The ECB feel it has racial connotations and it’s up to them to do whatever they want to do.”

If a black South African doesn’t think he’s been racially abused then what gives a bunch of middle class white guys the right to say Gale’s comments were racial abuse?

There is a wider debate to be had about sledging but Yates says again that accusations of racism are well wide of the mark.

Perhaps the ECB need to take a look at the opening of this Spitting Image episode  (perhaps not for the easily offended).

Yates isn’t sure what “a complete Norris” is, but it probably would be an accurate description of the people involved in bringing the charge of racism.