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Vile Utterances

Many UK based cricket followers will know that yesterday was the inquest into the death of Tom Maynard.  A hard day for Tom’s family, friends and all those who watched him play for Surrey and Glamorgan.  Yates has nothing to add to the reporting from the likes of the excellent George Dobell, Nick Hoult, Legisde Lizzy and all the others who tweeted from the inquest.

Then Edwina Currie opened her vile mouth.

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Tom Maynard

Everyone associated with Surrey cricket in any way cannot help but have been devastated at the sad news of Tom Maynard’s passing earlier today, aged 23.  Yates freely admits that he cried on and off for most of the afternoon, and there may still be more tears to come.

Many things struck Yates about Tom – his sense of honour, leaving Glamorgan after the removal of his father Matthew from his coaching role; his ability to belt the bad ball and many good balls to the boundary and his awesome power off the back foot. Yates had the pleasure of seeing a couple of his innings this season and marvelled at just how hard he could hit the ball.

To see Tom take guard at the crease was to see someone ready for battle.  Every shot he played had intent.  Yates is certain that had Tom not been taken from us, he would have played for England and become a Surrey legend.

Yates feels for Tom’s parents, Matthew and Sue.  Parents shouldn’t outlive their children and my thoughts are with them and with everyone at Surrey and Glamorgan CCC.  As mentioned on Twitter, this is the third such bereavement Surrey has suffered in the last fifteen years.

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Rest in peace Tom.

Surrey v Leeds/Bradford MCCU, 1st Day

The first day of the season for Surrey supporters saw the sunny weather of previous days disappear in favour of windier and far chillier conditions.  Fortunately the flask of hot Orange Barley Water served Yates well throughout a day which did little to offer any answers to the questions about Surrey’s batting order.

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