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Will OP Become South Africa’s OJ?

A sportsman recognised all over the world.  A tragic death.  A trial with massive media attention.  The name of the victim being almost forgotten.  A policeman discredited on the stand.  A contraversial verdict.

Yates could be writing about the Oscar Pistorius trial or the OJ Simpson trial in 1995.  After today’s bail decision by Magistrate Desmond Nair, the similarities are striking.

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Professionalism in Sports Governance

Today’s announcement by the ECB that Brit Insurance has chosen not to extend its sponsorship of the England Cricket Team has again highlighted the need for professionalism, transparency and consistency in sports governance.  The recent events surrounding KPGate have highlighted poor performance by senior ECB management which must surely have adversely impacted on the Brit Insurance brand, to the extent that Brit have had enough.

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Tabloid Crapola Spreading

Seems Yates is a bit cranky of late.  Well too bad.  My blog, I write what I like.  There’s a lot of good things to write about and a couple of bad ones.  It’s one of the bad ones that gets an airing tonight though.

Yates is getting pretty annoyed with the regular references to the overseas birthplaces of England players in reports.  ESPNCricinfo’s report on the call up of Surrey’s Stuart Meaker being the latest example.

Meaker is yet another player to have been born in South Africa

Now Yates would expect tabloid crapola from the likes of the red tops and the Daily Heil (none of which Yates reads) but to see ESPNCricinfo going in for this is, quite frankly, extremely disappointing.  It smacks of poor and lazy journalism.  I expected better from ESPNCricinfo and Andrew McGlashan.

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