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Seems Yates is a bit cranky of late.  Well too bad.  My blog, I write what I like.  There’s a lot of good things to write about and a couple of bad ones.  It’s one of the bad ones that gets an airing tonight though.

Yates is getting pretty annoyed with the regular references to the overseas birthplaces of England players in reports.  ESPNCricinfo’s report on the call up of Surrey’s Stuart Meaker being the latest example.

Meaker is yet another player to have been born in South Africa

Now Yates would expect tabloid crapola from the likes of the red tops and the Daily Heil (none of which Yates reads) but to see ESPNCricinfo going in for this is, quite frankly, extremely disappointing.  It smacks of poor and lazy journalism.  I expected better from ESPNCricinfo and Andrew McGlashan.

The citizenship laws and qualification processes are laid down by those in authority.  If anyone has a beef with these things then by all means engage with those responsible and document those efforts in an appropriate place.  What is the point in reminding people of someone’s origins?

Unless Yates is missing something nobody has any influence on where they are born.  A couple I know are expecting their first child.  The time of the baby’s birth nears and the father is getting nervous.  They recently had a week in France to relax and prepare for the hectic time ahead.  Had the baby been born in France then would it somehow be less English than had it been born just up the road?

Hang on… Is this some way of suggesting these players, born outside this green and pleasant land, are somehow less than completely English?  Somehow less than completely committed to the 3 lions?  Oh please.  This isn’t the age of Spike Milligan’s “Curry And Chips”, “The Melting Pot” and that God-awful thing with the white English teacher in the English as a second language “comedy”.  Was it “Mind Your Language”?*makes vomiting noise*

Is it something to do with filling in the word count? Do journalists get paid by the word?  If it’s not word count then what is the reason?

Yates doesn’t refer to people he knows as “Danish-born Peter”, “Mario is yet another who was born in Italy…” or “Angelika is another Pole…”  The fact is that we live in a world where travel and relocation are easier than they have ever been.  Some might like that, some might not.  Stick to reporting the cricketing facts please.

There is a clear qualification process in place.  If someone is qualified to play for England then that is that.  End of story.  If they are called up then good luck to them.  Go out there, play with freedom, give of your best and we should all hope you are successful.  Kolpak may well be an ongoing debate but is a side issue here – this is about cricketers who are qualified to play for England.

There are also far more important things to pay attention to and try to influence opinions on then the perceived “not-quite-proper-English” team.  The scheduling issue is one.  There’s player workload and, more importantly, injury management – the underlying reasons why players are getting injured.  The general uselessness and failure to lead of the ICC is deserving of being held to account, as is the greediness of the BCCI and the gutlessness of other boards before them.

Visitors from overseas I must ask you if this is a thing you see in your sports media.  Or is this purely a jingoistic English thing?  Yates dreads to think what the reporting will be like when transgendered players start playing for England teams.

Yates does not care about an England player’s origins.  Yates cares not if a Time Lord opens the batting with a Sontaran providing they have served their qualification periods.  Extremely unlikely but you get my point.  I do care about Surrey and England doing well.  I do care about the silly scheduling of games (Sunday’s T20 international could and should have started at 2:30pm).  I do care about players’ injuries, how they are managed and what “information” we get (if any) from the ECB.  On that point, how is Chris Tremlett’s back?  Any chance of a formal update from the ECB?

Yates does not need a squad or match report to remind me where players were born.  If Yates wants to look up more about players there are a fair few sites out there which can tell hime where they were born, who they play for and what their stats are.

We live in a world where for more people their birthplace has much less of an influence on their path and status in life than it used to.  The sooner certain elements of our sports media and commentators let go of this silly fixation the better.

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    1. Thanks. The timing probably was for the WI tv audiences, but boy was I a zombie at work on Monday! I’m just getting old…

      An earlier start might have got a few more younger folk to the game as well – there were plenty at Friday’s game and the atmosphere was great.

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