South Africa Now #1 Rated Test Team

It gives Yates no pleasure to post this entry.  Yates is not normally taken to such strength of criticism. However, the decision by Hugh Morris and the ECB senior management to drop Kevin Pietersen for the crucial third test match is the culmination of incompetence and bad management by Morris and his colleagues.

It also goes a fair way to surrendering the coveted #1 test team ranking to the South Africans.

This comes as no surprise to Yates given that the ECB can’t even follow best practice and due process when dealing with other players.  Equally it was no surprise that the ECB demanded to know the contents of text messages sent from KP’s phone. Unless it was an ECB owned phone then there is no grounds for them to make such a request.  KP could (and maybe should) have gotten legal on the ECB’s backside.  But he didn’t – he took the decision to commit to England in all forms of cricket.

KP is not blameless in this situation but his commitment to playing all forms of cricket for England is clear.  Which is considerably more than the ECB’s approach to man management is.  As Yates has written before, the problem is in no small way due to the inability of Morris, his colleagues and his staff to manage KP.

As Yates has written before, KP is a very driven person.  People driven by the kind of intensity KP possesses aren’t your average kind of person.  They see things very clearly from a particular point of view and often require handling in a different way to we lesser mortals.

There is supposed to be a bond of trust between an employer and their employees.  Leaking contract negotiation details totally breaches that bond.  Had details of my contract negotiations been splashed all over the media Yates would have kicked his boss’s door in and demanded the truth from him with one hand wrapped tightly around his throat and the other squeezing his testicles.  Hugh Morris can consider himself very lucky KP does not have Yates’ short fuse.  KP is bigger and stronger than Yates, it wouldn’t take much effort from the lad to cause some very nasty damage to Morris.

Hugh Morris apparently has an MBA.  Well whoopy [censored] doo.  In Yates’ experience MBA means Moronic Bullshitting A**hole.  Yates has met and worked with a lot of people who have admitted to having MBAs.  The number of those people he actually liked? One.  The rest Yates wouldn’t have urinated on if they were on fire.

This one chap, let’s call him Raj, was a very pleasant fellow.  A pleasure to work with and for.  The noticeable thing about Raj was that he didn’t use bullshit or management b*ll*cks when talking to people.  His politeness was exemplary.  His section was always happy and consistently performed at its peak.  Raj was an excellent man manager despite the very mixed make up of his section.  One of these people was a very driven, very intense and sometimes unpleasant character.  Let’s call him Clive.

Clive saw things one way and often came into conflict with colleagues.  Despite this Raj was able to manage Clive so that his performance contributed to the positivity of the section.  Clive’s colleagues often sent texts to friends and colleagues in the sector bemoaning his various failings and how much of a “Gareth Hunt” he was.  Raj didn’t sack Clive or any of his section.

As I’ve said to Jonathan Agnew, if you work with people you do not dislike/loathe then you are truly fortunate.  Who hasn’t expressed some discontent about disliked colleagues to friends?  Just like those colleagues of Clive’s did? Yates works alongside some people who, quite frankly, he wouldn’t urinate on if they were on fire.  That dislike doesn’t prevent him from doing his best in the job.  It’s called professional pride.  If I don’t do the best in my job then it affects others who do not deserve to be so adversely affected.  If the England players can’t do their best regardless of whoever’s in the side then they shouldn’t be in the side full stop.  The strongest England side is one that contains Kevin Pietersen. Fact.

The message here is simple. Hugh Morris has failed in his role as Managing Director of England Cricket.  When KP and Peter Moores were having their spat it should have been Morris who sat down with them both individually and together to sort things out.  Raj would have done this.  Raj would never have let confidential details be leaked to the press. Had anyone done that on his watch they would have been fired immediately.

Firing immediately is what must happen to Hugh Morris.  He cannot command any respect.  Yates has seen some truly abysmal “leaders” and “managers” in his time and Morris is right down there with the worst of them.  Giles Clarke and David Collier must also carry the can.  Seedy looking Giles is a successful businessman from what Yates has been told.  So what has he done to positively remedy this situation?  The same question must be asked of David Collier.

Things have taken an interesting turn with the Daily Heil carrying a story that the South African tour manager “denied that the messages were in any way derogatory towards Pietersen’s England team-mates.

The time for pussyfooting around has ended.  People in senior positions are not doing their jobs properly and there is the whiff of bullshit around.  Heads must roll.  And I don’t mean KP’s.  This is now an international embarrassment, the ECB have shown themselves to be worse than the WICB under Ernest Hilaire and the PCB under Ijaz Butt.  Next on the list is New Zealand Cricket under the the BCCI’s little pet Justin Vaughan.

Morris, Collier and Clarke are incompetent and unfit for purpose.  And as many of these MBA holding morons loved to tell me, “Perception is reality”.

Today when I should be celebrating Anthony Joshua’s gold medal I am ashamed to be English.  Were I a cricketer I would switch my allegiance to Ireland.  I have no wish to be associated with stupidity from the likes of Morris, Collier and Clarke.

Congratulations to South Africa on becoming the #1 ranked test side.  With the ECB’s current top management England doesn’t deserve to be there.