Shut Up Jabba!

David “Jabba The Hutt” Collier reckons that, although he hasn’t seen any of the BBM messages, the whole KPGate incident was an attempt by the South African team to provoke Kevin Pietersen and disrupt team morale.

The first thought that comes to mind is what the hell was Collier doing going on Sportsweek to discuss KPGate? Surely it is now supposed to be under a clear process which will be behind closed doors and thus merits a “this is not up for discussion” response.

Hardly the act of a Chief Executive who is supportive of the “re-integration” process and objective.  Hardly the act of a Chief Executive who can be trusted – remember there is supposed to be a bond of trust between employer and employee.

If Collier’s line of “It was those nasty Saffers who started this” is true then why the hell wasn’t that made clearer during the initial stages of the “investigation”.  Or would this have been an inconvenient factor in their decision to drop KP?  Cricket South Africa have rejected Collier’s puzzling outburst:

Cricket South Africa described the messages as “banter” when the story first emerged in August and a representative of CSA denied Collier’s new claims: “That is rubbish. That is not the case at all. No one was trying to rile KP.”

What was Jabba Collier trying to achieve here? If he truly believes in the “re-integration” process then surely the right thing to do is shut up and let Andy Flower try and do his job properly.  Blundering around like this helps no-one.

One thing Collier said which may or may not be a soundbite was

It is important to be honest and say our concerns and allow Kevin to say what his concerns were.

OK Jabba, are you going to instruct your feckless colleagues to act on KP’s concerns? Are you going to instruct your feckless colleagues to crack down hard on any dressing room cliques?

Jabba Collier has shown that just like Hugh Morris and Seedy Giles Clarke, he’s not cut out for the job.  Especially after the PCB dropped them all in the doo-doo yesterday.