Poison and Jingoism

Yates has written previously about so-called journalists who seem capable of only producing content of which the ECB would approve. Either because there’s an ECB hand shoved up their arse or because they are a really vile piece of filth.

Paul Newman falls into this latter category. People have tweeted that he’s a nice chap, even decent and only doing his job.

The more Yates thinks about that the more he comes to one simple conclusion: that’s bollocks.

Yates firmly believes that whatever you write, people put an element of themselves in that writing. Paul Newman’s track record at the Daily Heil speaks for itself: there’s nothing nice about any of his work for the Daily Heil. In fact there’s very little to like about the Daily Heil in general.

And “He’s only doing his job”? The Nuremberg defence. Really? That speaks for itself.  Bringing that up is an immediate loss of argument.

The ECB have an experienced security advisor in Reg Dickason, a man widely respected. Knows his stuff, straight talking. But Reg isn’t going to be tooled up like Arnold Schwarzenegger, leaping to the defence of the team and blowing terrorists and attackers to pieces when they show up. Reg can only do what Reg has done very well over the years; get measures put in place. If those measures aren’t enough to make people feel safe that’s no fault of anyone’s.

How many of the idiots slating Eoin Morgan’s decision not to go to Bangladesh have been in situations where firearms have been discharged in close proximity to them? Is Selvey old enough to have done national service? Newman certainly isn’t.

If you’ve experienced an incident involving bombs or firearms going off it can cause mental scars. Spend time with those who’ve seen military service and you may get some slight understanding of that. The fear of something can be greater than the reality of it. Look at all the anti-migrant headlines from the Daily Heil spreading fear and loathing compared to the reality of things.

Euston station the day after the 7/7 attacks was a place filled with real fear. Yates was in London for that week. On the 7th he was on one of the tube trains behind one that had the bomb go off. The full story can wait until another time; suffice it to say that once the realisation of what happened kicked in the atmosphere in London became much more tense.

That Friday, 8th July, Euston tube station was empty when Yates got off to get the train to Birmingham. Euston station concourse was quiet, tense, you could almost taste the fear. People were scared and in days to come thanks to the filth purveyed by the likes of the Daily Heil, colleagues from the subcontinent who carried backpacks were hassled as potential bomb carrying terrorists.

You don’t easily forget experiences of that kind fear.

So Eoin Morgan made a promise to himself and he’s sticking to it. And that’s what really grates with people like Paul Newman. So he pens a typically poisoned piece, fawning at the feet of ECB top management. God forbid an Irishman doesn’t sing the English national anthem. Does he really want to go into the politics of that? Could he be trusted to do so impartially? Of course not.

Yes, Morgan’s Irish and wanted to play test cricket. Ireland doesn’t have test status so Morgan qualified for England. In Newman’s mind that is “turning your back on your country”. Does Newman believe this to be true of Tony Greig, Allan Lamb, Graeme Hick, Jason Gallian, Chris and Robin Smith and others who have qualified for England despite being born elsewhere? In Daily Heil speak they are surely taking places intended for God-fearing English players.

Brexit Britain seems ideal for Newman’s (and the Heil’s) brand of jingoistic filth.

It would be lovely if Yates could arrange it for Newman, Selvey and the Morgan slaters to come to a shooting range in the US. I’d get a bunch of gun owning American friends together and we’d have ourselves a little fun. Newman and his crew down the end with the targets, Yates and his chums at the shooting end. Let’s see how safe they feel when we let off a few shots.

Big E’s got his assault rifle, JC’s packing a Smith & Wesson Shield and Yates will be using a Springfield Amory XDM. We’ll let off a few shots to see just how safe y’all feel. JC’s a cracking shot and by God does she hate bigots. Big E can shoot the dick off an armadillo at 30 paces. Yates is a little more out of practice.

That would be an experience they would never forget.  Safety not guaranteed, and with Yates’ twitchiness they wouldn’t feel safe either.

Yates urges you to please shun the Daily Heil. It represents a lot of what is wrong with the UK. Newman in particular.

See y’all at the Royal London One Day Cup Final.