Oi! BCCI! Back Off!

The stuffing that India’s cricketers have taken from England has focused attention on several aspects of India’s cricket.  Most notably the fielding of the India team has been some of the worst Yates has seen in recent times.  When Yates says “I would be embarrassed to have fielded like that!” then you are in trouble.  Yates has seen plenty of village fielding and had a few of his own village moments.  That India team did not perform like a team whose fielding coach is Trevor Penney.  Yates has seen better fielding efforts from five year old children and mid 30 year olds coming out of hospital after operations on their knackers.

So when Nasser Hussain compared India’s fielding efforts to those of donkeys many will have felt the comparison justified if somewhat lacking in critical sting.  Yates has heard far stronger and less politically correct terms used to describe India’s efforts in the field in this series.

Former India test cricketers and now commentators Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri were recently revealed to be in the pay of the BCCI. And Nasser, who calls things as he sees them, recently had a little exchange with Shastri about that.  Let’s be clear on this, Nasser is as straight as they come.  He is intelligent, lucid and not afraid to call a spade a spade.  Take his criticism of the ECB in 2007 as an example.  If you’ve read his autobiography Playing With Fire, you will surely recall his withering attack on Malcolm Speed.  If he thinks someone is being a retard then he will say so.  If he thinks someone is being a puppet then he will say so.  He is not any board’s puppet.

The news that the BCCI is to try and discuss Nasser’s comment with the ECB smacks of the BCCI trying to divert attention away from the utter shafting their test team took and try to bully the ECB and broadcasters into not using Nasser as a commentator.

Remember how the BCCI reacted when the ICL happened?  Boorish bullying, which the international governing bodies all bent over and took like good little *******.

What the BCCI does in its domestic cricket is its own affair.  But when the BCCI tries to interfere in other countries’ matters it is bang out of order.  It is time for the broadcasters and the international governing bodies to grow a pair and tell the BCCI to back off.  Commentators should not be there to peddle a corporate line.  If they are then call them what they really are – puppets.  Commentators are there to add insight, value and thought provoking content.

Shastri and Gavaskar fail completely in those aspects.  They are puppets, nothing more.  And pretty damn poor ones at that.  The BCCI really should be careful employing puppets.  Marina from Stingray has more character & insight than Shastri & Gavaskar!

Again the BCCI are showing themselves to be deluded bullies.  They got away with their bullying ICL connected people.  They must not be allowed to get away with bullying this time.