Mickey Arthur

Listening to some favourite music here in Yates’ towers, Yates suddenly found himself singing along to a song but with some different lyrics.  Who would have thought Ozzy Osbourne and the Aussie cricket team would be linked in a post here?

Mickey Arthur
(with apologies to Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads, to the tune of the classic song Mr Crowley)

Mickey Arthur
What went on In your head?
Oh Mickey Arthur
What has Michael Clarke said?

Your management style seems so tragic
Powerpoint is so silly
Aussie heroes used work, guts and fight
Miller, Marsh, Thommo and Lillee

Mickey Arthur
What has Shane Watson done?
Mickey Arthur
Have his golden balls gone?

Pup doesn’t like Patto or Johnson
Maybe their tatts are spelt right
As skipper he got rid of Katich
A decision that doesn’t seem right

{guitar solo – Randy Rhoads)

Mickey Arthur
What a bloody great farce
Mickey Arthur
Aussie press will kick arse

In a series your team needs to fight in
Because you made the wrong pick
Don’t drop players who didn’t do their writing
When they do it’s your arse they will kick

Is Pup Clarke pulling your strings?
Is he trying to clip peoples’ wings?
I want to know who is pulling your strings