Mental Mickey?

Yates almost wet himself laughing this morning at the news that 4 of Australia’s touring squad in India have been dropped for the next test because they failed to complete a presentation about how the team could improve its performanes.

This has been described as “a breach of team protocol” but that is absolute b*ll*cks in Yates’ opinion.  Let us be more accurate in this assessment – it’s refusing to take part in mindless, pointless management games which suggest that Mickey Arthur hasn’t got a clue any more.

What tools do you need to win a cricket match? Bat, ball, protective wear and brain.  And the right team selection.  No laptop, no Powerpoint, no laser mouse, no handouts.  Each international squad has its nerd herd to do analysis, assessment and presentations.  The players are there to play.  Twitter has been ablaze with people rightly mocking Mickey Arthur’s conduct over this issue.

An inept senior manager once tried to force Yates to take part in a similar mindless game.  Yates’ reponse was simple:

“Why waste my time coming up with ideas you will ignore or steal the credit for? I have made my concerns known to senior management on several occasions.  Those points stand and I’m pretty p*ssed off that nothing has been done to address any of them.  You want those points, go to your computer and print off those e-mails. I’m not the BBC – I’m not going to waste my time on repeats.”

Yates didn’t face any disciplinary action.

The coach is there to coach.  This crap about writing ideas down (OK, bit of a giggle at David Warner using crayons and needing help there), putting them under the coach’s door and doing Powerpoint presentations is inadequate management bullshit of the worst kind.

It suggests that Mickey Arthur

  • Is unable to manage people within the Aussie dressing room
  • Is unable to handle the divisions within the Aussie dressing room
  • Is rapidly losing the plot
  • Feels he isn’t getting the support he needs from his nerd herd
  • Is doing what he can so he’s got plenty of excuses to save his sorry ass from even more of a kicking when the Aussie team get home having lost the series

Mickey Arthur has had the balls to compare this stupidity to the KPGate issue.  There is one similarity – both were caused by utterly halfwitted management before and overreaction after.

There’s talk of a “line in the sand” moment, but again this is absolute b*ll*cks.  Since when did elite sportsmen (go on, snigger, Yates did) get issued with non-relevant homework?  There is talk of attitude problems.  If there are attitude problems then either Arthur is unable to manage those people adequately or Arthur is trying some game to rid the Aussie dressing room of what he sees as “divisive influences”.  Arthur has already shown himself to be incapable of picking the best team by dropping Nathan Lyon.  Now he has condemned the Aussie team to a series loss in India.

Did the Argus Review recommend these idiot management games become part of Aussie cricketing culture?

Questions must be asked about what is going on in the Aussie dressing room, in Mickey Arthur’s head and about Michael Clarke’s role in all this.  Clarke did get rid of Simon Katich as soon as he ascended to the captaincy.

Do watch The Cricket Club featuring the awesome Stuart MacGill, Damien Martyn, Bryce McGain & Malcolm Conn discussing Cricket Australia In Crisis?

Mickey Arthur is no Andy Flower.  In the aftermath of the KPGate issue Flower managed to reintegrate KP into the England dressing room and manage the other players properly.  Yates doubts whether Mickey Arthur is capable of doing something similar for the Aussie team.  Yates feels that there is something more going on here.

Here’s some Twitter comments about this mess and here are a few more.

I’ll bet the Indian team and press are laughing themselves stupid.  Even Giles Clarke must be wondering what the hell is going on there and how the ECB can go one better.

To get Yates wanting India to win requires something truly halfwitted, truly thpethial.  And Mickey Arthur has achieved just that.