Kaneria Life Ban Confirmed: About Bloody Time!

A few days ago Danish Kaneria lost another appeal against his punishment for corruption.  Yes, another appeal after his previous one was rejected.  Yesterday the Pakistan Cricket Board did the right thing and endorsed that verdict and therefore the ban.

About bloody time!

Like Salman Butt before him, Kaneria steadfastly refuses to admit any wrongdoing, claiming victimisation.  But Salman Butt has admitted his actions now, albeit three years too late.  There is no place for corrupt senior international players in cricket.  There should be no reductions in the bans for Butt, Mohammad Asif or Mohammad Amir.

Kaneria and Butt would do well to shut their mouths, go find alternative employment and stay away from cricket.

An interesting development is the apparent change in attitude from Mervyn Westfield.  Yates has already written about Westfield’s recent outburst against Essex, the ECB and the PCA.  If Yates could see a way forward why couldn’t his advisors?

Well, Westfield’s advisors have either been replaced or had an injection of good sense judging by the announcement of his desire to help corruption education.  If Westfield fully co-operates with the PCA’s anti corruption programme he will be able to play club cricket from April 1st, 2014.

While Yates applauds Westfield’s change in attitude it is a pity that he did not see things this way earlier.  It would have helped him, Essex and the PCA had he been as positive and forthcoming during the ECB’s first hearings into the case.