Kaneria, Butt and “Is It Cos I Is From Pakistan?”

The ECB’s finding sufficient evidence to impose a life ban on Danish Kaneria came as a welcome indication of a zero tolerance policy towards any involvement with match fixing.

This would render Kaneria unable to play any cricket under the auspices of any ICC affiliated governing board.  The PCB indicated that they saw no reason to dispute the findings of the tribunal, so Kaneria’s career seems to be sliding to an ignominious end.

Almost immediately Kaneria indicated his intention to appeal, as the ICC expects all world boards to honour bans imposed by a national board. His calling the verdict “unfair” and general tone smacked of “Is It Cos I Is From Pakistan?” as he demanded an open appeal, efectively questioning the integrity of panel member Gerard Elias QC, Jamie Dalrymple and David Gabbitass.

If you play under the auspices of a country, you accept their rules, regulations and disciplinary procedures.  The idea that because you are from another country entitles you to have those rules suspended is patently ludicrous.

Convicted fixer Salman Butt has been deported to Pakistan, his career almost certainly ended by the ICC imposed ban.  Yet, like Kaneria Butt is demanding another trial, this time in Pakistan.  The claim “I didn’t find justice in London” is all very convenient.  The simple fact is Butt broke the law in England, faced due process under English Law and was found guilty in an English court following due process.  If Butt had evidence then he should have presented it to those proceedings.  Someone needs to tell Butt that the Chief Justice of Pakistan has no jurisdiction in a case of English Law.  Again, the tone of “Is It Cos I Is From Pakistan?” lingers in the air.

The law of a country applies to all people in that country, whether resident or visitor, sportsman or not.

Yates feels very strongly that Butt and Kaneria are two people of whom the game will be well rid.  Yates is also sorry that the fine players from Pakistan continue to have their names dragged through the mud by these two trying every tactic they can to avoid penalties imposed by due process.