ECB Greedy Buggers

Instead of anticipating the start of the Ashes series, Yates has some strong words for the ECB.  Instead of policing cricket properly and pushing for the ICC to start doing the same thing, the ECB seems intent on trying to police YouTube clips.  Specifically one of the best cricket channels on YouTube, that run by Rob Moody (see his Twitter feed here).The ECB is hiding behind the claim that their “permission is needed” to show any England cricket footage online.  Yet surely the only real reason to block a video from YouTube is because the presence of a video is denying the owner monetary gain?  What commercial threat is Rob’s YouTube channel?

Now if the ECB are going to claim that a YouTube video is depriving them of desperately needed income when there’s a huge difference between DVD quality and FLV quality, Yates has to say don’t be so damned stupid.  Rob isn’t making any profit from his channel, he posts videos to promote the game.  Promoting the game is what the ECB is supposed to be doing but by behaving this way promoting the game is the last thing they are doing.

If the ECB are determined to protect their copyright then will they be putting extended highlights of all the test and ODI series played and televised in the UK on DVD?  That’s the only real commercial reason for blocking Rob’s videos.  Yates is not interested in bulldust about differences between types of rights, just an answer to the bloody question.  Yes or No.

What will the ECB do next?  Demand that any English cricket DVDs held in public libraries are taken out of circulation because they are depriving the ECB of income?  Yates could take his laptop to a library, borrow a DVD and after a few minutes it’s “Lamb Slam Thank You Man” (Daily Star headline after England’s 1987 World Cup win over the West Indies) because he’s got an image that’s ready to burn to a blank DVD when he gets back home.

Yates is pretty certain that the ECB’s YouTube rampage is inspired by Giles Clarke’s obsession with “Illegal streams”.  What have the ECB been doing to ensure the services provided by Virgin Media and Sky actually work decently?  Because come 11am tomorrow morning if the Virgin Media service he pays for is up the spout Yates will go looking for an illegal stream or a fix to get past the geographic barriers on YouTube.

By taking such an approach the ECB is coming across as greedy control freaks like the BCCI.  If they are determined to take that path then it follows that the love of money is a motivating factor, just like the BCCI.  That is not a good thing at all.

The message to the ECB is simple.  Behave like the greedy buggers of the BCCI and you deserve all the contempt and bad press you get.  Behave sensibly and work with fans to promote the game (how about some kind of ECB approved fan badge?) you will get the credit you deserve.

Because of the ECB’s attitude, Yates now hoists the flag of the Pirate Party UK here on DCTWO.  And if the opportunity to do an illegal stream of his own on Giles Clarke arises, you can bet Yates will do just that too.