Durham CCC Sponsors Harass A Photographer

Yates was working on a piece about sponsorship and branding then something came along which was deserving of its own post.  Yates was most annoyed to learn of the stupid behaviour of employees at Port of Tyne in threatening a photographer and film maker.  At the time of writing Port of Tyne have yet to apologise to the photographer their staff harassed.

“How is this related to cricket?” Yates hears you ask.

Port of Tyne are Durham CCC’s sponsor for the Royal London One Day Cup.

It is the Port of Tyne logo which is seen on Durham CCC shirts.  Port of Tyne’s business is getting plenty of exposure from the club and benefitting from association with the likes of Paul Collingwood and Graham Onions.

Just as when a player or a club does something stupid, wrong or embarrassing, it can affect the sponsors so the reverse is also true.  If a sponsor of a club is found to be doing something stupid, wrong or embarrassing it reflects badly on the club.

Durham CCC is a fine club which Yates is sure expects and deserves the highest levels of conduct from everyone associated with the club.  That includes anyone working for those who sponsor the club.  The Port of Tyne staff who harassed that photographer were wrong.  If Port of Tyne had any decency about them they would apologise.

At the time of writing they have not. Port of Tyne’s Twitter crew have blocked the photographer and ignored all questions asking about the incident. Just like Giles Clarke they believe they are right and screw everybody else.  Port of Tyne can be found here on Twitter. Don’t expect to get a response from them though.  Yates hasn’t heard anything back to his tweets.

If you’re so inclined, please ask Durham CCC to have a polite word with Port of Tyne to do the right thing and make a full apology. Durham CCC is on Twitter @DurhamCricket so you can ask them that way. Additional contact information can be found on the club’s contact page; you might want to e-mail the club’s Commercial & Community Director, Michelle Carney or Tom Seymour, the club’s Sales Director (Sponsorship).

Come on Durham, it doesn’t take much effort on your part to help see that things are put right.  Please do the right thing and tell your sponsor to apologise.