Derbyshire – Don’t Let The Accountants F**k Your Club Up

Derbyshire eventually had a great season in 2012.  It started in 2011 with a change at the top, when Chris Grant took over from Don Amott as Chairman.  Then, part way through the 2012 season John Morris was removed as 1st team coach and replaced by Karl Krikken. The rest is history, as Derbyshire went on to win Division 2 of last season’s County Championship.

Derbyshire is one of the unfashionable, smaller clubs which the likes of Mark Nicholas target when advocating the reduction of the County Championship.  However, as Chris Grant will happily remind anyone who asks, the club is not in debt to anyone.  This is quite an achievement in the current financial situation.

Grant is determined to build on this achievement both on and off the field, with his announcement of a development project.  Part of that project includes a restructuring of the club’s governance which will replace the current 15 man group with members “drawn from specialist professional backgrounds”.

Say that again?

Members “drawn from specialist professional backgrounds”



Chris Grant and Karl Krikken have done great things at Derbyshire and deserve credit for that.  Counties are all looking to become better run, better administered and more professional; in the drive to achieve this the influence of the accountant (*spit*) has become far greater than it should be allowed to.

Yates believes that accountants do have their place: in their little box, away from any positions of authority and well away from any role involving managing other people.

Former Chairman Don Amott has spoken in support of Grant’s restructuring plan which is great in theory but a cricket club needs people with knowledge of cricket at the top level.  By all means have a mix of professional people but please don’t go down the road of getting faceless beancounters in.

Yates urges Derbyshire Members to make sure Chris Grant makes his plans crystal clear and to make sure the influx of faceless professionals doesn’t happen.  The incoming people have to have understanding, knowledge and love for the game of cricket.

Don’t let the accountants f**k your club up.