City Based Franchises: Greed Ahead Of The Game

Having already written about the concept of City based T20 Franchises, more has come to light about the Mediocre Men’s plans.

Remember, this is all going on behind a veil of secrecy – counties have been subject to gagging clauses so cannot comment on anything they may be asked by concerned county supporters and members.

Test match grounds only.  Sod the smaller counties, let’s try to pay them off.  Counties heavily in debt because they were encouraged to upgrade and expand to host international cricket will also like the money too.  The ECB got them into this mess in the first place, why should the counties trust them now?  With money that isn’t actually guaranteed yet.  It’s been mooted by “experts”.

Yates hates that word. Really really hates it. That word always flags up a huge fat goth sized red alert.  Yates has seen and been part of enough corporate dealings to know that there’s a simple definition of “expert” in this context:

Toadying sycophants who approve every suggestion from their paymasters with a nauseating “Oooh! Yes!” and come up with some bullshit and bluster to justify their simpering snivelling support.

It’s as bad as “due diligence” in corporate takeovers.

There are two things that really bug Yates about this:

Counties have been presented with five options, with two based on county cricket, for the future of Twenty20 but it has been made clear it is the city tournament that has a future.

How mind buggeringly arrogant is that?

Not “the city tournament is the ECB’s preferred option” but “made clear it is the city tournament that has a future”.  If the counties vote against it then it doesn’t have a future.


A formal vote on changing the constitution of the ECB, which currently states all 18 counties have the right to play in any tournament, will be taken in the autumn.

R-i-g-h-t… so this lot can’t be arsed to get rid of the loathsome Giles Clarke but they’ll be expected to rubber stamp a change which could give the Mediocre Men and those who follow them power to put together any tournament they like in the future and say “bollocks” to the counties.

Why are Graves and Harrison are insisting on gagging clauses?

Why won’t Graves and Harrison publish the financial projections?

Where won’t Graves and Harrison detail exactly how they intend to expand the game to a new audience in the UK?

Because their plans won’t pass the examinations of those outside the ECB sphere of control?

Yates urges counties to forensically examine what claims the ECB present to them about this.  Go Full Yates – ask the bloody awkward questions and keep asking them until you get a proper straight answer.  If you don’t get one tell Graves & Harrison to Foxtrot Oscar.  If their scheme isn’t right for you, your county, your staff, your players, your members and supporters, tell Graves & Harrison to Foxtrot Oscar.

And as this is being typed, the Telegraph’s Nick Hoult comes out with this belter about the gagging clauses. Click the link and read it.

This shows how scared Graves & Harrison are of any kind of review and examination.

This is nothing more than a money making scheme for a select few being painted as a bright new vista via an expansion that’s as likely as Yates’ opening the batting for Pakistan.