Chris Gayle & Orange Cap

Yates has already tweeted about the IPL’s “Orange Cap” and how it sounds like some kind of contraceptive.

Now the mercurial ubercoolness of Chris Gayle holds the “Orange Cap”.  It didn’t take long for the Yates mind to merge these ideas together. How did the IPL merchandisers miss this idea?

[Advert starts. In front of an orange background stands Chris Gayle. Stack of vertical screens to his left shows footage of him belting bowlers for six.  Close up on his top half]

“Hi, I’m Chris Gayle.”

[Smiles as only he can]

[TV screens beside Chris show pictures of him with IPL cheerleaders and other attractive ladies.  Smiles abound everywhere, pictures cut to Chris walking off with a couple of girls]

“When you don’t want to stop your load but really want to hit it for six, do it my way”

[Holds up Orange Cap condom wrapper]

“Orange Cap condoms.”

[Image of Chris hitting a ball straight at the camera but it’s an Orange Cap condom wrapper]

[Back to Chris smiling widely]

“Now anyone can be a six hitter like me. Well, almost.”

[Even wider grin]