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Hey Dave! An Open Letter To David Richardson

Dear Dave,

Yates is sorry to hear you’re a bit put out by the recent leaks of Lou Vincent and Brendan McCullum’s testimonies to the ACSU.

But you can’t be surprised at the frustration being felt by fans around the world that so few disciplinary measures or convictions have been achieved or contributed by the ACSU.  By so few I mean zero. Zip. None. Naff all. Not a God Damn thing.  The only convictions that have been achieved have come via discredited newspapers running scams and police tapping phone lines.  Nowhere was the ACSU to be seen.

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Will OP Become South Africa’s OJ?

A sportsman recognised all over the world.  A tragic death.  A trial with massive media attention.  The name of the victim being almost forgotten.  A policeman discredited on the stand.  A contraversial verdict.

Yates could be writing about the Oscar Pistorius trial or the OJ Simpson trial in 1995.  After today’s bail decision by Magistrate Desmond Nair, the similarities are striking.

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