Bullying BCCI At It Again

Yates has kept quiet about the ICC cricket committee vote rigging issue up to now because it’s pretty obvious that here at DCTWO the BCCI is regarded as a self serving, greedy, bullying and malign influence on the game of cricket.  As the head of the BCCI Numbnuts Srinivasan is the man who sets the tone for the way things are done in that organisation.

4 years ago they threw a Ritchie Blackmore like strop over the ICL and certain governing bodies *ahem* New Zeland Cricket *ahem* were only too happy to lead the way in being the BCCI’s little gimp.

Now the BCCI is trying to bring its obscene bullying bloat to the ICC table again.  According to the Mumbai Mirror, there have been murmurings in Numbnuts’ guts that

The Indian Board has dropped hints that it might review its participation in the Champions Trophy

Of course, whenever Numbnuts’ guts start rumbling there is no shortage of sycophants around who will fart on his behalf.  The reason why the BCCI are thinking this way is simple enough:

Their attempts to get the ICC Cricket Committee membership voting fixed in favour of BCCI puppet Laxman Sivaramakrishnan ahead of FICA CEO, players’ rep and pain in the ass to anyone lacking sense or ethics Tim May, have upset a lot of people, resulting in a request for the ICC Ethics Officer to investigate the issue.

When Mike Selvey tweeted that Yates nearly fainted.  The ICC actually has an Ethics Officer?  Well up until now that person’s been paid a lot of money to do bugger all.  Now there’s a serious investigation to be done the question must be is that person up to it?  Or will the ICC cop out?

Yates knows what he thinks and is sure you can guess.  (No, this doesn’t involve Pauley Perrette, Famke Janssen and Yates, behave at the back!)

In an interview with The Cricket Couch, Heath Mills of the New Zealand Players Association describes how he understands the voting was pressured by the BCCI.

Saj Sadiq (known as @Saj_PakPassion on Twitter) is a man who knows his stuff and has an interesting piece on PakPassion.net which suggests that Mahela Jayawardene’s vote in favour of Tim May was surpressed by Sri Lanka Cricket.  It is worth reading.

There is a very simple solution for the ICC.  Tell Numbnuts to go to Hell, launch the investigation and give India’s place in the Champions Trophy to Ireland.

Warren Deutrom, Cricket Ireland CEO is an honourable man who is doing things properly.

Ireland for the Champions Trophy!