Ben Stokes Trial Aftermath

Ben Stokes has been found not guilty of affray.  Due Process has been followed and we must respect the decision of the jury. In the aftermath of these proceedings questions are already being asked of the CPS and attention is now turning to the ECB.

Specifically the Kangaroo Court known as the Cricket Discipline Commission and what the ECB will do following the case. Yates has written previously about the CDC in very disparaging terms and has very little confidence in it.  Perception here is that the CDC couldn’t be more Kangaroo if it was staffed by Australians dressed in Skippy costumes, drinking Castlemaine XXXX and doing Bill Lawry impressions.

This note from the ECB tells us that former Derbyshire player Tim O’Gorman is now in charge of the CDC, replacing Gerard Elias QC, the man who oversaw the kangarooing of Gareth Batty. Tim was a decent player and Yates hopes that proceedings under his watch will be conducted with sense and with respect for context and natural justice.

It is pleasing to note that now there is an appeals process for CDC rulings, something Yates does not recall being the case under Elias’ leadership.

Now the trial has finished there will be consequences. International players out at 0230hrs in a trendy bar mid series isn’t a good look. Seriously guys, you should have gone to a rockers’ bar instead.  Many is the time Yates has left a rockers bar at 3am and opened the batting 8 hours later. Oh the things you can do at a younger age…

But the ECB management will look sternly on the lateness and will surely clamp down on behavioural standards of international players; you can bet some kind of enquiry and report will be undertaken.

Further attention may be cast on Alex Hales. He will surely be expected to answer for his part in this affair, even though he was not charged with any criminal activity. ECB standards for conviction may well be lower than those of Court proceedings.

As for Stokes, will he be brought up on a charge of bringing the game into disrepute? As if the ECB management haven’t already brought the game into disrepute with its conduct over the last few months in relation to “The Hundred”.

Colin Graves’ legal action against George Dobell is as vile and damaging to the game as any right hander to some bottle-waving idiot’s jaw or boot to their head. It’s more pernicious too because it claims to come from the governance of and for the good of the game.

Yates urges Tim O’Gorman and all involved in the upcoming CDC proceedings in relation to Ben Stokes to act with calmness, respect for the Court decision and proceedings and how poorly the ECB management handled this issue when it first came to light.

It’s now over to the ECB and the CDC.

We’re watching and wating.