Alternative ICC Awards

The annual self-congratulatory ICC Awards bash is being held today.  There will be the usual awards which won’t really inspire, surprise or generate pages of discussion on the internet.  Unless we include the “OMG! Why isn’t SACHIN the winner of every award?” fandrones out there.

Cynical? Maybe.  But what purpose does this bash actually serve other than a self-promotion tool for the ICC?

So let’s jazz things up a bit by suggesting a few awards of our own for Haroon Lorgat to consider.  Let’s start the ball rolling with a couple of suggestions…

Arsehole of the year: There can be only one winner, miles ahead of everyone else. Ijaz Butt.  Let’s make it a retrospective award and give it to him for the past couple of years as well.  As this will be his third win, Ijaz will be able to keep his trophy, just like the Lonsdale Belt in British boxing.  I’m no sculptor but I think this trophy should be a golden arse.

Idiot Board of the year: The BCCI.  With its head stuck up its own arse over DRS, a dislike of the concept of transparency and a sudden sensitivity to comments about donkeys, the BCCI has stormed through in the last few weeks to take this award.  Oh yes, and your test team got a mighty rogering too.  The BCCI has some serious self examination to undertake.

Are there any awards you, the cricket savvy reader, would like the ICC to bestow on someone involved in international cricket?

Here’s your chance, comment away…

One thought on “Alternative ICC Awards”

  1. Test performance of the year (Shared):

    SCJ Broad & TT Bresnan at Trent Bridge vs India.

    Test Catch of the Year:

    Ian Bell at Cardiff off the bowling of Stuart Broad to dismiss Thisara Perera.

    Probably not definitive, but it’s what sprang to mind.

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